Famed Lawyer Alan Dershowitz Says It’s ‘Likely’ On-Set Hutchins Killing A ‘Homicide’

The on-set killing of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins likely constitutes “homicide,” or a criminal killing, famed lawyer Alan Dershowitz explained in an opinion piece published Sunday.

Actor and co-producer Alec Baldwin on Thursday shot Hutchins and director Joel Souza while on the film set for “Rust,” killing Hutchins and wounding Souza. According to a court document, Baldwin was told he was handed a “cold gun” before firing at the camera, striking the two crew members. It still remains unclear if the “live round” was real ammunition.

Dershowitz asserts at The Hill that “two things” seem clear in the incident: “guidelines seem not to have been followed in this case, and the existing guidelines seem insufficient to prevent accidents like this.”

“It is likely, therefore, that the killing of Halyna Hutchins could constitute a homicide — that is, a criminal killing,” he said. “The remaining questions are who might be criminally responsible for the killing and what degree of homicide fits the evidence?”

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