First COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates—Now Vaccine Struggle Sessions?

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky appeared on “Fox News Sunday.” During the interview, host Chris Wallace mentioned that many essential workers, including police officers, nurses, and airline pilots, are refusing to get vaccinated. In some states, such as New York and Washington, the government is firing employees or placing them on unpaid leave if they reject the COVID-19 vaccine. Wallace then asked if Walensky was still pressing to get these employees vaccinated. Here is Walensky’s complete response:

We have seen that these mandates are getting more and more people vaccinated. Here’s what we know: The most disruptive thing that you can do to the workforce is to have a COVID outbreak in that workforce. That will most definitely not only send people home, but it will send people to the hospital and some may pass. What we know from the police workforce is that there have been more deaths from the coronavirus over the last year and a half than all other causes of death for that workforce combined. So we believe it is very important to get these people vaccinated. There is a plan should these people not want to be vaccinated towards education and counseling to get people the information they need so that they are feeling comfortable in getting vaccinated.

Let’s take this apart just a bit. First, Walensky is cheering coercion, which is terrifying. The mandates are threatening people’s livelihoods and she sees this as a positive thing. The experts could not persuade these individuals with compelling information about the benefits of vaccines, primarily due to the schizophrenic messaging from the Biden administration on vaccine efficacy, so she believes that threatening them if they don’t comply is the best option.

It’s difficult to sell people vaccines when you tell them they can still get sick from the virus and transmit it to others. When you go on national television and say to the nation that vaccinated people can carry viral loads similar to the unvaccinated, it puts question marks in people’s heads. The president giving a national address and saying the vaccinated are at risk from the unvaccinated only makes people wonder why they took it in the first place.

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