Liberal Publisher Launches Conspiracy Theory on Twitter, Suggests Trump Supporter Loaded Alex Baldwin’s Gun

Johannes Josephus Marinus Velterop, a liberal science publisher and verified Twitter user, promoted a conspiracy theory on Friday where he suggested that a Trump supporter secretly placed live ammunition into a prop gun which liberal actor and co-producer Alec Baldwin use to kill cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.

The liberal extremist said the alleged Trump supporter wanted revenge on Baldwin for continuously making fun of Trump on Saturday Night Live.

“Might the prop gun have been secretly loaded with real bullets by a Trump supporter, to punish Alec Baldwin for his Trump parodies?” said Velterop. “Should be a line of inquiry.”

After receiving harsh criticism, Velterop doubled down, saying that Trump supporters were mad because his conspiracy theory hits “too close to the bone.”

“Why is it only MAGA-types that vehemently dismiss this as one of the possible causes?” he wrote. “Too close to the bone?”

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