NSBA Apologized for Its ‘Domestic Terrorists’ Letter – But Bad News For Them, Blowback to Its Letter Has Begun

The fallout out from the National School Boards Association’s ill-conceived letter to the Department of Justice has begun. The NSBA last week made news by apologizing for its insidious “domestic terrorists” letter it sent to the Justice department, which Attorney General Merrick Garland seized upon to threaten parents with FBI investigation if they vocally opposed such matters as Critical Race Theory being taught in schools.

But on Tuesday, the NSBA got bad news that the Ohio School Boards Association is now ditching the NSBA.

“Ohio School Boards Association voted to terminate its membership with the National School Boards Association,” education researcher Corey DeAngelis reported.

“OSBA’s decision to terminate membership and affiliation with the NSBA is a direct result of the letter sent by you to President Joe Biden late last month,” the OSBA made sure to make clear.

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