Illinois Supreme Court: Tax on Guns and Ammo is Unconstitutional

On Tuesday, October 21st, the Illinois Supreme Court, in a shocking win for gun rights and 2nd Amendment advocates, ruled that Cook County’s tax on guns and ammunition is unconstitutional.

For reference, the Epoch Times reports that:

In 2012, the Cook County Board of Commissioners approved a $25 tax on the retail purchase of a firearm within the county. The county’s Firearm Tax Ordinance was enacted in April 2013.

A separate county tax was enacted in 2015, which added $0.05 per cartridge for centerfire ammunition and $0.01 per cartridge for rimfire ammunition. Americans who fail to pay those taxes are subject to a $1,000 fine for the first offense and a $2,000 fine for subsequent offenses.

The Epoch Times reports that Justice Mary Jane Theis, in her 6-0 ruling on the case, found that the taxes “violate the state’s constitution because they affect law-abiding citizens’ Second Amendment right to acquire firearms for self-defense,” reasoning that “While the taxes do not directly burden a law-abiding citizen’s right to use a firearm for self-defense, they do directly burden a law-abiding citizen’s right to acquire a firearm and the necessary ammunition for self-defense.

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