DEMOCRAT PARADISE? Chicago Shootings Have Spiked Over 220% Since 2019

Chiraq’s bloody streets are, somehow, only getting bloodier. According to shocking new data released by the Chicago Sun-Times, more people were shot in the 16 beats composing the Central, Near North, and Near West police districts in any year since 2016. In fact, the number of shooting victims in the first ten months of this year alone, 77, is over triple what it was in all of 2019.

More specifically, the Chicago-Sun Times has this to say:

In just the Central police district — which includes much of the downtown business district — the total number of shootings and total shootings per 1,000 residents has shot up nearly 220% since 2019 — by far the largest increase in any police district in the city.

The Near North district, which includes parts of downtown and also Lincoln Park, saw the second-highest rise in shootings in that time — 120%.

And while the gun battles of Chicago grab all the attention, other forms of violent crime have rocked the downtown district of Chicago as well. Sexual assaults have increased by 35%. Car thefts are up 51%.

The bloody city as a whole is faring even worse. According again to the Chicago Sun-Times, “Through Oct. 23, at least 617 people have been fatally shot and at least 3,768 have been wounded in Chicago, putting the city on target for what’s likely to be one of its deadliest years since the mid-1990s.” And that’s before the almost 50 non-shooting homicides are taken into account. Most of that crime has been contained to the South Side and West Side, which are even more dangerous than the crime-wracked downtown district.

That shy-high level of crime has overwhelmed the already overburdened Chicago Police Department. Residents report that their 911 calls are often not answered, the police respond slowly when they do respond at all, and gang crime has gone through the roof.

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