PANIC! VA Democrats Sue USPS Over Delay Of 3OOK Absentee Ballots For Tuesday’s Election

In what many Americans have seen in the last two elections cycles, mail-in ballots including absentee, appear to be the number one priority for the Democratic party.

Millions of extra mail-in votes were cast in the 2020 elections.

In the swing states, such as AZ, PA, GA, MI, and WI, the number of mail-in ballots requested and the number mailed-in were record-breaking.

What is alarming for those who believe in fair elections, is the extra mail ballots were cast disproportionately for Presidental candidate Joe Biden, sometimes 100 percent of the total counted.

In this story, VA is a prime example of increasing the potential for election fraud, not increasing voting security.

With a zealous Democratic legislative majority and radical Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam, Virginia’s General Assembly changed the commonwealth’s election laws over the past few months. They repealed the state’s voter photo ID law, now allowing 45 days of no-excuse absentee voting and setting up automatic voter registration for anyone who gets a driver’s license.

In addition, ballot drop boxes were added into election laws last year, which Virginia GOP officials say is a step towards ballot harvesting in the state.

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