The Democratic Operative Who Claimed Credit for Staging Youngkin ‘White Supremacist’ Stunt Took Selfie with Race Hoaxer

MAJOR UPDATE: The Democratic operative who claimed credit for the ‘white supremacists for Youngkin’ hoax took a selfie with one of the race hoaxers while at another political event. See update below post.

UPDATE 2: It looks like we may have a positive ID on the race/J6 hoaxer thanks to the great Rosie Memos.

The Virginia governor’s race has tightened down the home stretch to Tuesday’s election and one of the most memorable “dirty tricks” in recent political history has surfaced. Democratic operatives with close ties to the McAuliffe campaign orchestrated a desperate race hoax to frame Terry McAuliffe’s now-leading opponent Glenn Youngkin as a ‘white supremacist.’

The “white supremacists for Youngkin” hoax appears to have begun with a report by Elizabeth Holmes that was tweeted early Friday morning.

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