UH OH: New Polls From Swing State Spell Doom For Joe Biden And Democrats

There are a few things we have learned in the most recent election cycles.

Voter fraud, big tech influence, and ghost voters can rally change the outcomes of the elections, and secondly, several polling companies have not figured out to contact a wide enough base of registered voters to accurately forecast the upcoming elections.

Their formula of contacting people via their landlines is no longer working, and the mobile nature of the population is creating havoc for them all.

This is not to say that all of the pollsters have lost control of the wheel. Some of them have seemed to be doing a much better job and based on their recent polling, Biden’s progressive democratic party is in trouble.

A recent poll out of New Hampshire indicates voters think the country is headed in the wrong direction, WMUR TV reported.

Saint Anselm College Survey Center conducted the poll of 1,323 registered voters from Oct. 20 to Oct. 22, WMUR reported.

According to the poll, 68% of New Hampshire voters think the country is on the wrong track. Just  21% believe it’s headed in the right direction. When questioned about President Biden’s job performance, 44% approved and 56% disapproved, WMUR reported.

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