John MacArthur rebukes pastors who plagiarize sermons: It’s ‘ministerial fraud’

Christian ministers who plagiarize sermons are “lazy, incompetent and unsanctified,” said Pastor John MacArthur in response to reports that two pastors had been plagiarizing their sermons.

“Why does a pastor plagiarize? Why does he use someone else’s sermon? Why does that happen?” MacArthur was asked at a conference attended by students at The Master’s Seminary, where he serves as chancellor emeritus.

“Because he’s lazy and incompetent,” the pastor replied. “Besides that?” MacArthur was then asked. “And, I’ve got a third point, unsanctified,” he said.

“I think, you become a showman; you are an actor, you’re playing a part, playing a role,” MacArthur, pastor of Grace Community Church, continued. “You know, the one thing that expository preaching does that is apart from the congregation is it sanctifies the pastor … the relentless study of the Word of God is how God sanctifies and protects the pastor. When you’re just opening your iPad and reading somebody else’s sermon, you’ve never been exposed to the sanctifying work of the Word.”

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