Assault on Families: Washington State to Attack Single-Family Zoning

If you’re a family in Washington State, wanting to live a simple life in the suburbs and avoid the problems of living in a city, then your state has a message for you: too bad!

There, Governor Inslee is mulling legalizing multi-family zoning statewide, which would wipe out single-family only neighborhoods, replacing quiet, pretty suburbs with crowded apartment facilities.

The governor’s agenda to combat homelessness, available here, presents the idea by saying:

“Despite the dire need for additional housing stock and a greater variety of housing types, we continued to build low-density, detached residential homes and units at about double the rate of other high-density housing types”

So, rather than just reducing restrictions and regulations, making it easier and cheaper to build the single-family homes families actually want, the government is trying to pressure and encourage developers into building the multi-family apartment buildings preferred by climate fanatics and anti-suburb leftists.

As a result, the governor has pushed municipalities with over 10,000 people to adopt one of his “options” to make housing more affordable. As Just the News reports, those “options” include:

  • development of at least 50 residential units per acre if located within a half mile of a fixed transit station;
  • at least one duplex, triplex or courtyard apartment on each parcel in one or more areas zoned for single-family housing;
  • accessory dwelling units on all parcels in areas zoned for single-family housing.

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