Democratic Discrimination – DCCC To Place Senior Staffers Based On Race, Gender, And Sexuality – Not Most Qualified

In an attempt to “increase diversity”, AKA reject white and straight people, among the Democrat Party, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) will now place staffers in senior campaign positions based on race, gender, and sexuality, not by qualification for the positions, Politico reported Thursday.

The DCCC is partnering with the Blue Leadership Collaborative for the 2022 election cycle specifically recruiting and retaining “people of color, women, and people who identify as queer as senior staff.”

Executive Director Justin Myers said the program will establish “cultural competency” among campaign managers and with lead to more “diverse” party committee leaders in the future.

“In order to run effective campaigns, and to win, it’s our belief, and I think the belief in most of the Democratic Party, that you need to have managers that are culturally competent, that have the ability to speak to every part of the coalition,” Myers said.

Myers said a “pipeline for underrepresented senior party operatives doesn’t really exist,” the report states. “These folks are going to be the next [executive directors] of the DCCC, maybe the DNC,” he said. “They’re going to run big Senate campaigns. I guarantee you, one amongst this group will run a presidential [campaign] one day.”

The DCCC is committing to hiring people based on immutable characteristics and lifestyle choices after the committee reportedly had “much-publicized struggles with senior staff diversity during the 2020 election cycle.” Chairman of the DCCC Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY) “drew similar warnings” when he became chair.

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