Kamala Harris Escalates White House Feud by Taking Another Cheap Shot at Bidens in NY Times Hit Piece

Vice President Kamala Harris wants to be treated like a queen, but in the Biden White House, she is apparently an afterthought. Harris is objecting to the ill treatment with yet another hit piece; this time, published in the New York Times.

First off, Kamala Harris is being blamed for crumbling relations with U.S. Democratic senators like Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, despite the VP being the President of the Senate and decisive vote when the votes are split 50-50.

“In Ms. Harris’s case, she came to the job without strong ties to key senators; one person briefed on the Oval Office meeting said it would be more productive if the discussion between Mr. Biden and Mr. Manchin remained private,” the Times reported. “It is unclear that the president had much sway on his own, either, given the senator’s decision this week to break with the White House over the domestic policy bill.”

Before becoming vice president, Harris was a far-left Democratic senator from California, which makes her lack of tact with her fellow senators even more inexplicable and even more unacceptable from a Biden White House point-of-view.

“But without a headlining role in some of the most critical decisions facing the White House, the vice president is caught between criticism that she is falling short and resentment among supporters who feel she is being undercut by the administration she serves,” the Times continued. “And her allies increasingly are concerned that while Mr. Biden relied on her to help him win the White House, he does not need her to govern.”

Ouch. The complaints here give off the vibe that Kamala Harris resents being a “token” vice president; it smacks of the belief that she was selected for affirmative actions reasons only.

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