CAIR Reveals the Jihadist Enemy Within

CAIR is Hamas,” pithily recognized the former FBI agent and United States Marine Corps officer John Guandolo in 2013 about the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which originated as an American Hamas front group. His bookRaising a Jihadi Generation: Understanding the Muslim Brotherhood Movement in America, remains highly relevant almost a decade later as Muslim Brotherhood (MB)-derived groups such as CAIR face increased scrutiny.

The January 15 hostage-taking of a rabbi and three Jewish congregants at a Colleyville, Texas, synagogue by the British-Pakistani Muslim Malik Faisal Akram brought the faux civil rights group CAIR unwelcome attention. During this one-day crisis that ended with all hostages escaping, this terrorist killed by police had demanded the release of the Pakistani woman Aafia Siddiqui, held in a federal prison medical center in nearby Fort Worth. A federal court in 2010 had sentenced her to 86 years imprisonment for her 2008 shooting at American military personnel and an FBI agent in Afghanistan after her capture with terrorist planning documents.

While Siddiqui became a cause célèbre for jihadists such as Akram worldwide, CAIR in a similar vein had become a key proponent in the American “Free Aafia” campaign. Unsurprisingly, CAIR has increasingly exposed the antisemitic sympathies it shares with Siddiqui, who at her trial called for DNA testing to reveal whether any of her jurors were Jewish. CAIR’s Texas chapter (CAIR-TX) sponsored a September 18, 2021, rally outside Siddiqui’s Fort Worth prison where one speaker denounced “Zionist judges” for her plight. Additionally, a November 10, 2021, CAIR-TX webinar featured the notorious Muslim antisemite Linda Sarsour, who blathered fables about Siddiqui being a “political prisoner.”

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