China says it ‘supports’ Russia amid Ukraine invasion, backs Putin’s claim he’s ready for negotiations

Fox News Reporting

Chinese President Xi Jinping offered his “support” for Russian President Vladimir Putin Friday as Russian troops bombard Ukraine.

According to a readout of a call held between the two allies, Xi expressed the importance of rejecting a “Cold War mentality” and said he takes “seriously and respect[s] the reasonable security concerns of all countries.”

Putin has attempted to justify his deadly invasion of Ukraine by falsely suggesting Kyiv posed a serious military threat – a threat he has since claimed NATO also poses, despite the alliance’s repeated attempts to find a diplomatic solution. 

The information provided by the Chinese foreign ministry said Putin explained the “historical context of the Ukrainian issue” and claimed, “the United States and NATO have long turned a blind eye to Russia’s legitimate security concerns.”

In the lead-up to Russia’s invasion, NATO flatly rejected Putin’s repeated demands that Ukraine be barred from joining the 30-member alliance.

Ukraine has not been permitted to join the alliance on the grounds that it needs unanimous consent from the member nations and partners like the U.S. have questioned whether Kyiv meets the required standards.

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