UNFIT! Only 36 Percent of Voters Say Joe Biden Fit Enough to Lead Nation 

Only 36 percent of voters say President Joe Biden is fit enough to lead the nation, a Sunday Harvard/Harris poll revealed.

Respondents were asked, “Do you think Joe Biden is showing he is too old to be President or do you think he is showing he is fit to be president?

Sixty-four percent of voters indicated Biden was “too old” to properly lead the nation. Thirty-six percent said he was “fit enough to be president.”

The poll asked a similar question, “Is Joe Biden mentally fit to serve as President of the United States or do you have doubts about his fitness for office?”

A majority of 53 percent said they had “doubts” about Biden’s mental fitness. Only 47 percent said Biden was “mentally fit.”

The poll also asked about Biden’s ability to lead during the Ukraine crisis.

When respondents were asked, “Do you think President Biden is able to handle difficult international issues like defending Ukraine from the Russians and protecting Taiwan from China or is he not able to handle these kinds of problems?” 54 percent said no. Forty-six percent said yes.

Among independent voters, 60 percent said Biden was not capable of handling the Ukraine crisis.

Only 79 percent of Democrats said Biden could handle the crisis, while 21 percent said he was incapable.

Eighty-three percent of Republicans said Biden was incapable. Seventeen percent said he was able to handle the crisis.

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