White House Coronavirus Team Quiet as Joe Biden Readies State of the Union

Biden’s coronavirus team has not held a public briefing on the coronavirus for 12 days, even as the Centers for Disease Control quietly walked back some of their masking guidance.

As Biden prepares to speak to the nation, 70 percent of Americans can now stop wearing masks, socially distance themselves from others or avoid crowded indoor spaces, the CDC announced.

But the announcement was not led by Biden’s coronavirus team. Instead, CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky hosted a briefing call with reporters and other scientists to discuss the news.

The CDC changed the criteria for the new guidelines, although reassuring Americans throughout the pandemic they were based on the “data” and the “science.” The guidelines are no longer based just on the number of cases, but rather on the numbers of hospitalizations and new cases.

As Biden plans to deliver his the State of the Union, Democrats eager to demonstrate their success at fighting the pandemic.

A steady stream of Democrat governors and mayors lifted mask guidance and vaccine mandates in their states and cities in February.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is lifting the mask mandate on Capitol Hill for Biden’s State of the Union speech after Capitol Physician Brian Monahan announced updated medical guidance on Sunday.

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