“Beto” Sued for Defamation by GOP Donor!

Kelcy Warren is the chairman of Energy Transfer, a major, Texas energy company that made almost $7 billion last year. But, in addition to being a successful energy executive, Warren is also a major GOP donor; in fact, he contributed $1 million to Governor Abbott’s campaign, according to the AP.

Well, “Beto” (Robert) O’Rourke, the leftist Texas gubernatorial candidate, decided to call that donation corruption and said that Abbott had been “bought off” by the energy executive because the donation came after Energy Transfer made billions during the near-collapse of the Texas power grid in 2021. As the AP reports:

“O’Rourke has tweeted that energy executives “bought off” Abbott and at times has singled out Warren, saying during one campaign stop that the contribution ‘looks like a bribe to me.”’

Here’s the tweet. In it, O’Rourke says that:

Warren wasn’t happy that Beto intimated that his donation was a corrupt bargain of some sort, so he filed a lawsuit over the matter, alleging that Beto’s tweet and campaign trail comment constituted “baseless and malicious lies.” As Kera News reports about the lawsuit:

The lawsuit says O’Rourke has seized on that donation to falsely accuse Warren of “serious crimes including extortion, bribery, and corrupt influence.” The lawsuit points to a number of social media posts O’Rourke has made alleging that Abbott has not fixed the grid due to the influence that Warren and others in the oil and gas industry have over the governor.

The lawsuit calls such claims “baseless and malicious lies,” and it suggests Warren gave Abbott $1 million because he was concerned about one of his primary challengers, Don Huffines, a wealthy businessman and former state senator from Dallas.

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