Biden Gets Covid AGAIN, Back Into Isolation

Here we go again, President Joe Biden has caught the COVID virus once more.

Yes, the nation’s Chief Executive Officer that mandated that those working in the federal government, and military, must get vaccinated, is back in isolation.

Biden who has taken all COVID Fourth Shots just can’t stop catching the virus.

The White House posted the news on Twitter via an update from Dr. Kevin O’Connor, Physician to the President, who said that this was an example of “rebound” Covid.

Dr. O’Connor said that the president was showing no symptoms but did test positive via an antigen test Saturday morning. Biden had recently left isolation on Wednesday after testing negative for Covid-19. He had originally contracted Covid on July 21.

Joe Biden is physically and mentally weak, so this doesn’t come as a surprise to me and millions of Americans who are refusing to take the experimental jabs.

The world also knows that Biden is weak.

A few days ago on a call, China’s President Xi Threatened The USA (Biden) – ‘Playing With Fire Will Set You on Fire’


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