Fed Judge Rejects Hunter Biden’s Plea Deal With DOJ

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On Tuesday Judge Noreika threatened Hunter Biden’s legal team with sanctions for allegedly trying to trick the court into not including an amicus brief in the case from the Republican-led House Ways and Means Committee.

On Wednesday, Judge Noreika, a Trump appointee, rejected Hunter Biden’s plea deal with the Justice Department on two misdemeanor tax charges because she had “concerns” about the constitutionality of a pre-trial diversion agreement that would allow him to avoid prison on a felony firearms possession charge.

The Justice Department had planned on recommending two years of probation for Hunter Biden as part of the negotiated plea deal, according to CNN. Conditions on Biden’s release would have required him to abstain from drinking alcohol or using illegal drugs and he could be randomly drug tested by court officials.

Conservatives have been urging the court to reject the agreement amid growing evidence of government interference in the probe.

The New York Times‘s Glenn Thrush also  reported Wednesday that the unusual plea deal had “offered Hunter Biden broad immunity from prosecution in perpetuity.”

Thrush reported that Noreika was highly skeptical of the plea deal, “questioning why it had been filed under a provision that gave her no legal authority to reject it.”

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